” Your own voice is probably the most personal instrument. 

Using it, working it out and claiming it for yourself is a challenge that requires continuous effort but can also result in strength. 

It is a political act to send your voice out into the space. 

To carry your own voice outwards in order to be present. 

To act as a resonance to the fragility of being. 

Yet even the strongest voice can be delicate and fragile at the same time.  

With the use of the “bodily created sound” of the voice one shapes the world and leads a Vita Activa.”    

(Isabelle Finou)


Isabelle Finou is an artist, performer and composer of experimental electronic music based in Cologne, Germany.

For her compositions, concepts and experiments she mostly uses field recordings, sound synthesis, voice and piano.

She also composes for performances and installations in public spaces. Isabelle understands the human body as a resonant cavity for sounds and noises.

She has live performances and installations around Germany and a tour in Latvia in 2019.

Isabelle studied Performance / Scenic Arts (MA) at RUB, Media Art at Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, and Philosophy (BA) at HHU.